-IP/Entertainment Lawyers and experienced producers preferred (2 or more feature length films rated G to PG 13, that have made it to the major film festival circuit, and have acquired distribution reaching an audience of at least 100,000+) also anyone with experience in the film financial process of Preproduction, Production, and Post Production film financing, especially with knowledge of the structure, and trends in the global animation industry.
-Detail Oriented

A passion for writing adventure stories.
-Familiar with a variety of storytelling structures
-Anyone with a foundation in knowledge of ancient stories, especially parables

Storyboard Artist
-Strong portfolio in traditional still life drawing, landscape drawing, figure drawing
-Not required, but experienced in TV/Film, or Advertisement Storyboarding in any genre rated G to PG 13

Background Painters
-Strong portfolio in the areas of landscape painting, cityscape drawings, and experience in En plein air paintings a plus.
-Working knowledge of the Color Wheel, Color Theory, Color Harmony
-Mediums: Gouache, Traditional Watercolor, Ink, Acrylic, Water soluble Oil paint.

with résumé, portfolio, website, reel, 4-6 Sentence Cover Sheet
and 2 professional reference letters, 1 can be from a professor/instructor.