PGA, Producers Guild of America members welcomed to apply, especially those with experience in full length motion picture animation.
-IP/Entertainment Lawyers and experienced producers preferred (2 or more feature length films rated G to PG 13, that have made it to the major film festival circuit, and have acquired distribution reaching an audience of at least 100,000+) also anyone with experience in the film financial process of Preproduction, Production, and Post Production film financing, especially with knowledge of the structure, and trends in the global animation industry.
-Detail Oriented

A passion for writing adventure stories.
-Familiar with a variety of storytelling structures
-Anyone with a foundation in knowledge of ancient stories, especially parables

Storyboard Artist
-Strong portfolio in traditional still life drawing, landscape drawing, figure drawing
-Not required, but experienced in TV/Film, or Advertisement Storyboarding in any genre rated G to PG 13

Background Painters
-Strong portfolio in the areas of landscape painting, cityscape drawings, and experience in En plein air paintings a plus.
-Working knowledge of the Color Wheel, Color Theory, Color Harmony
-Mediums: Gouache, Traditional Watercolor, Ink, Acrylic, Water soluble Oil paint.


Write thematic score for Title Scenes
Write the score based on script pacing, and storyboards, compiling all the musical sections needed for the film.
Meets with the director and movie producers, when the film has been shot and is being edited, to discuss music needs for the film.
Takes part in a spotting session, in which the film composer, director and others watch the movie and decide where each segment of music should start and stop in the film, why it’s being included and how it should sound.
The score for a feature film is usually about half the length of the film, so a composer would probably have to write about 50 minutes of music for a 100-minute movie.
Prepares scores for the musicians, or gives notes and a rough score to the arrangers and copyists so that they can provide a complete musicians’ score

Matte Painter
With experience merging 2D & 3D animtion sequences
Has worked on at least 2 motion picture film projects including short, and long format
Excellent Reel, and body of work

with résumé, portfolio, website, reel (if applicable), 4-6 Sentence Cover Sheet
and 2 professional reference letters, 1 can be from a professor/instructor.